Benefits of Hiring a Maui Immigration Petition Lawyer

15July 2019

Looking for a good Maui immigration petition lawyer?

When you decide to prepare and file a petition on your own, it’s important to keep in mind that the process is not just a formality. Even though many people are reluctant to hire an immigration petition attorney to save on legal fees, the truth is that having someone experienced by your side can help.

Without further ado, here are the main advantages to having a reputable and experienced Maui immigration petition lawyer assist your case.

1. A Maui immigration petition lawyer can explain the process to you in detail

Are you fairly familiar with what a petition entails or would you benefit from having someone with industry experience explain more about the process?

From what you need to file a petition, to the steps you need to take to bring your loved ones to the US, a good Maui immigration petition lawyer can explain the whole process in detail. Without the help of an attorney, it can be difficult to understand what it takes to successfully file a petition.

2. A good lawyer can help prevent unnecessary complications and delays

A lawyer cannot tweak or speed up the petition process, but a professional can surely prevent any unnecessary delays. Although filing a petition on your own is not unheard of, you should at least be able to have all the necessary information regarding approval, the forms and supporting documents.

Doing everything on your own can be overwhelming. Having an attorney assist, on the other hand, can be very helpful, thus eliminating the possibilities of complications and delays.

3. Your lawyer can act as an advocate during your interview

An interview with the immigration authorities shouldn’t be a reason for concern. However, unless you’re prepared, a formality may easily turn into a hassle.

Having an immigration lawyer present, on the other hand, can help. A good immigration attorney can advise you beforehand on certain legal issues and raise objections during the interview, if you are asked a question that’s inappropriate.

4. A good Maui immigration petition attorney will protect you against excessive screening

Another issue that may arise during the in-person interview is excessive screening. Although the immigration authorities are trained to be respectful of you and of your rights, there are times when even well trained professionals may seem hostile.

If that’s the case, having an immigration attorney present may help.

If the authorities have reason to believe that you are a danger to the community or that you are committing fraud, you may need someone with experience to protect you from excessive screening. Even if your case is not that complicated, it still helps to have a lawyer present at the interview.

5. Having a lawyer present will add more credibility to your claim

Last, but not least, hiring an attorney may help the process run smoothly. Because a lawyer cannot present false documents or information, the presence of an immigration attorney generally adds credibility to an immigrant’s claims.

Call Maui Immigration Law, LLC today to find out more about the benefits of hiring a lawyer when you plan to file a petition.

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