Maui Immigration Law – Covid-19 Update

27May 2020

Aloha Clients and Friends:

We hope you are well since our last COVID-19 update. MIL continues health and safety protocols described in that update. Governor Ige has extended many of Hawaii’s COVID-19 restrictions through June 30th. This affects government operations and travel. Travel quarantine rules continue. For many of you, inter-island travel is a key concern. 

Federal immigration agencies continue rolling updates. MIL has maintained regular communication and cooperation with agencies to put safety first, while ensuring legal compliance. We reiterate – ALWAYS contact us FIRST if you receive ANY communication from ANY immigration agency. We will continue to do our best to minimize confusion and prevent unnecessary risk.

Hawaii Immigration Covid-19

Here is the latest information regarding agency closures:

Embassies/Consulates:  REMAIN CLOSED for immigration processes

Immigration Court: All Non-Detained HEARINGS POSTPONED through at least June 12, 2020 (*possible reopen 6/15/20)

USCIS: CLOSED for in person functions (interviews, biometrics and Oath Ceremonies) through at least June 3, 2020. Open for processing of applications for green cards, renewals, employment authorization and other benefits.

ICE: In-person reporting and home visits are postponed. For previously scheduled dates, MIL confirms each client’s reporting status w/ agents to reset as necessary.

However – even after agencies reopen, they are unclear about health and safety protocols. They have not said how they will maintain: safe entry into their facilities; proper social distancing; or, thoroughly and continuously sanitized spaces. Therefore, MIL is taking strategic initiative. We are tailoring individualized plans for clients and their respective needs. This is no less important than legal strategy. Loss of health or life renders an immigration benefit useless. You each have unique health, family, travel and other considerations. MIL will consult with you regarding this new and important aspect of your case. We will not walk blindly into situations which endanger any of us. As much as we love to take new cases and to advance current matters – we must do so with an eye toward protecting health and life. 

Once again, mahalo nui loa to our medical personnel and essential workers. Everyone, please continue to be safe.

With love from, 

The MIL Family

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