8 Tips for Choosing a Great Visa Lawyer in Maui

24February 2020

Looking for a great Visa lawyer in Maui is not always an easy process. When it comes to hiring an immigration professional to help you achieve your goals as an immigrant, a good attorney can make a difference to your case.

While many immigration lawyers are great at helping clients navigate the tangled ways of the immigration process, there’s a chance that, instead of hiring a great attorney who genuinely wants to help, you may end up being represented by someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Just like in any other industry, you may be surrounded by great professionals or shallow practitioners. That in mind, here’s how to find a good Visa lawyer in Maui and how to avoid a bad deal.

Visa Attorney in Maui

Avoid working with Visa lawyers who approach you

Although this is considered unethical behavior, it’s not uncommon for some lawyers to approach and offer you their services. If that happens, keep in mind that great Visa lawyers on Maui are probably busy helping their clients achieve their goals to spend their time soliciting business.

Try not to make a decision based on how much you need to spend

When you’re looking to hire a lawyer to help guide you through the immigration process, try not to make a decision based on the attorney’s fees. Sometimes, it may be well worth “splurging” on a great lawyer instead of taking the risk to waste months on a process that may be delayed or rejected.

Make sure you are hiring a lawyer and not a “Visa Consultant”

If you’re overwhelmed with the complexities of immigration law, make sure you look for a Visa lawyer in Maui and avoid working with consultants, notaries or other non-lawyers who have had no training in handling immigration matters.

Get trusted referrals and references before deciding which Visa lawyer in Maui to hire

Before hiring a professional, talk to your friends and acquaintances to find others who have dealt with immigration attorneys in order to obtain their Visa. Furthermore, once you a referred to a good lawyer, don’t shy away from asking them for references.

Never work with attorneys who offer you unethical advice

Be wary of any immigration professional who offers your unethical advice – such as suggesting you to lie to the authorities or omit details on your application. Nothing can get you more in trouble with the USCIS and create a permanent stain on your record.

Consider hiring a lawyer who understands and speaks your language

If you have difficulties understanding the English language or expressing your concerns, consider hiring a lawyer who speaks your language.

Stay away from professionals who make big promises

Not even the best lawyers in Maui can make any promises, so be skeptical of professionals who guarantee a successful outcome for your case.

Build a good relationship with your Visa lawyer in Maui

Hiring a Visa attorney on Maui is only the first step towards living your American dream and, if you wish to apply for naturalization or petition your loved ones to come join you in the U.S., this may not be the first and last time you need to consult a lawyer.

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