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Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents can petition their spouses to come to the United States. Maui green card attorney Kevin J. Block has helped hundreds of clients bring their spouses here, including same-sex couples. If you are a citizen and need help petitioning for your spouse or fiancé to come to the United States, contact Maui Immigration Law, LLC for an initial consultation.

If you have questions or want to start the process of petitioning for your spouse or fiancé to come to the U.S., call (808) 244-5858 today.

Petitioning for Spouses to Come to the U.S.

The petitioning process and requirements vary, depending on whether you are married or engaged and whether your spouse or future spouse is currently in the country or outside the United States. Because the requirements vary according to the situation, you may want to consult with an attorney. We can provide information that is specific to your circumstances and guide you through the process.

The benefits that may be available for spouses or fiancés include:

  • Green Card – A green card is available for spouses of United States citizens. This offers permanent residency for your husband or wife.
  • Fiancé Visas – If you are a citizen, you may also petition your fiancé to come and then get married here after he or she arrives.
  • Stateside or Provisional Waivers – If your spouse entered without an inspection and is not eligible to adjust, he or she may be eligible for the new stateside or provisional waiver which will allow them to consular process without the uncertainty and length of absence of previous waivers.
  • Adjustment of Status – Once your spouse is here and you are married, we can help adjust the status to help your husband or wife get a green card.

The form and supporting documentation that must be submitted depends on the type of immigration benefit you are trying to secure for your spouse or fiancé. We can advise you on the correct procedures and documentation in your case.

Get Advice for Your Situation

Every situation is unique and requires legal advice that is tailored to the unique situation. Our Maui green card lawyer can guide you through the process. Attorney Kevin J. Block offers initial, no-obligation consultation, so you can get the information and answers you need at this critical and exciting time.

If you have questions about green cards, fiancé visas, or stateside waivers, we invite you to request a consultation with our attorney.

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