How to Choose an Immigration Lawyer in Maui

20June 2019

With so many law firms and attorneys on the island, how can you find the right immigration lawyer in Maui for your case?

Successfully submitting your immigration application is crucial. Therefore, if you’d like to avoid unnecessary delays in the process, it’s important to find the right attorney to help you through it.

Keeping in mind that everyone’s legal needs are unique, here’s what information you need to gather from your initial interviews with potential immigration lawyers in Maui in order to hire the right one to handle your case.

Attorney for Immigrants Maui

What to ask your immigration lawyer in Maui before setting up your first appointment?

Before setting up your initial appointment with a new immigration lawyer in Maui, it’s important to make sure that they can actually help.

When you first contact an attorney, don’t shy away from describing your problem in detail and ask if the law firm has previously handled cases similar to yours. If this is your first time applying for citizenship in the US, just make sure that the law firm you’ve contacted specializes in this area of expertise.

Next, when setting up your first appointment, keep in mind that lawyers need to gather enough information about your case in order to make sure that they can help. Therefore, don’t forget to ask what documents you should bring along with you, aside, of course, from your ID.

What should you discuss with an immigration attorney on Maui during your initial interview?

When the time comes to meet with your immigration lawyer in Maui in person, you should be prepared to gather enough information from them – in order to make sure they’re the right professionals to handle your case – and enough information for them – in order to make sure that they can successfully handle your application or solve your problem.

That in mind, here’s what you should discuss with your lawyer when you first meet:

Can you afford the services of an attorney?

Submitting your immigration application on your own is definitely allowed, but hiring an experienced professional who can help you throughout a complicated process is priceless. Even though discussing attorney fees may be a sensitive issue, don’t be afraid to ask how much the services of your immigration lawyer in Maui will cost.

Does your immigration lawyer in Maui have a positive track record?

Finding out more about your immigration attorney’s track record is a good indicator of whether or not you should hire them to take your case.

What relevant documentation do you need to start preparing?

A major factor that can cause a delay in the immigration process has to do with the immigrant’s documentation. Preparing everything may take time, especially if you still need to gather documents from you home country. Avoid any unnecessary roadblocks and have your attorney make a detailed list of everything you need to prepare in order to ensure a smooth process.

What happens after you hire the law firm to handle your application?

Even though an immigration lawyer in Maui is there to guide you through the entire naturalization process, you’d still need to be actively involved in submitting your application. Therefore, find out what your lawyer’s responsibilities are from now on and what is expected of you as well, in order for your application to go through.

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