Attorney Immigration Services in Maui: 7 Untrue Things to Stop Believing

9August 2019

When it comes to attorney immigration services in Maui, there is a lot of misinformation about the impact of foreigners moving to our island.

Therefore, it’s important that we spread the word about the facts.

That in mind, here are 7 things you need to stop believing about attorney immigration services in Maui.

Immigration Lawyer Services on Maui

1. Attorney immigration services in Maui are the reason why many Americans can’t find jobs

Not the case!
While it’s true that, in some cases, immigrants may apply for the same jobs as native born Americans, that doesn’t mean that foreigners come here to ‘steal’ U.S. jobs.

On the contrary. Immigrants don’t typically compete for the same jobs as people who are born here. In fact, in many cases, foreigners who obtain legal residency or citizenship may even create new jobs as entrepreneurs.

2. Immigrants are the reason why the average salaries on Maui continue to drop

In this case, the opposite is actually true. Because immigrants make for a great addition to the labor force, this in turn leads to new investments in economy. This means that the demand for labor continues to increase, just like the upward pressure on salaries on the island.

3. Temporary workers from abroad ruin the U.S. economy

Whether or not the unemployment rate is high, there’s always a demand for specific types of workers. Therefore, believing that workers brought here from abroad ruin the economy is wrong. On the contrary, they a great help to build it up.

4. Immigration attorneys in Maui hurt the community by helping foreigners obtain legal documents

Believing that small communities may suffer because more immigrants are coming to live here from other countries is wrong. In addition to boosting the economy, attorney immigration services in Maui help immigrants obtain legal residency or citizenship in the U.S. so that they can bring more value to the island’s small communities.

5. Immigrants hire attorney immigration services in Maui so they can escape paying taxes

There’s a common misbelief that foreigners who come here don’t pay taxes. It’s simply not true and not even possible. Everyone here needs to pay taxes and in some cases, even undocumented immigrants will have their taxes deducted from their state and federal income.

6. Foreigners come to America to live on welfare benefits

When it comes to welfare benefits, it’s important to point out that not everyone is eligible to access the programs. An immigrant can indeed hire the best attorney immigration services in Maui, but they would still face eligibility restrictions if their ‘goal’ is to live on state benefits.

7. Immigration attorneys help immigrants stay here and commit crimes

Many people mistakenly believe that an immigration lawyer on the island will help just about anyone obtain their documents. However, it’s important to point out that, no matter how great an attorney is, helping someone who has been convicted of a serious crime or is likely to be the opposite of a ‘model citizen’ is close to impossible. So don’t worry, attorney immigration services in Maui can only help those who show that their intentions are honorable.

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