A Short Introduction to Asylum Law on Maui

10July 2019

How much do you know about the asylum law on Maui? Do you know what asylum is and who can seek it?

Myriad immigrants come to America every year in search for a brighter, safer future in our country. As a foreigner looking for safety, it’s important to know what your rights are in regards to the asylum law on Maui.

Without any further ado, here are a few important facts you need to know about seeking asylum.

What is asylum law on Maui?

Asylum, by definition, is a legal process that allows people to live in safety on our territory.

The United States of America recognizes the right for asylum or refugee status for people fleeing persecution in their home country, whether they are already legally established on our territory or cross the border in a desperate attempt to run from their home country.

Who can seek asylum in the state of Hawaii?

To be granted asylum, the law states that you must first establish that you risk persecution in your home country. That said, anyone who risks being persecuted on account on race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group may be an applicant.

How can you apply for asylum on the island?

If you are a legal resident of the U.S., you may apply for asylum on Maui either directly, through USCIS, or by hiring an immigration lawyer to help.

When applying for refugee status or asylum, immigrants are typically interviewed by an officer. If there is a reason to believe that the applicant is at risk of persecution in their country, he or she may be called for a final hearing where they may or may not be granted asylum.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy and criticism surrounding the topic of asylum law on Maui. Some officials say that the immigration and asylum rules set the bar too low for approval. Others believe that the personality of the immigration officials to whom the application is assigned is what often influences the outcome, rather than the facts of each case.

Regardless of what critics have to say though, one thing’s for sure: if you need to seek asylum on our island, it’s always best to consult with an immigration lawyer right away. An experienced professional can explain to you your rights and obligations and can guide you through every step of the process.

What happens while you wait for your claim to be heard?

After passing the initial screening, asylum seekers will be given a court date for a final hearing.

Unfortunately, there are myriad cases that need to be processed every day, so refugee status seekers often must wait a long time before their claim can be heard. The good news though, is that before your asylum hearing, you may be given permission to work while you wait.

Last but not least, it’s also important to point out that although you may not need a lawyer to apply for asylum, it’s best that you seek professional help. When it comes to asylum law on Maui, a good attorney can play a vital part in the whole process.

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