Do You Need to Hire a Maui Asylum Lawyer

31May 2019

The question as to whether or not you should hire a Maui asylum lawyer is not uncommon.

Although seeking legal advice on how to handle your asylum application is not a requirement, consulting an immigration lawyer is highly recommended. Immigration laws and regulations can be quite complex and therefore, receiving advice from someone with experience is essential.

Asylum Attorney in Maui

A good Maui asylum lawyer can help prepare a successful case

In order to increase your chances of a successful outcome, you may need to hire a Maui asylum lawyer.

The average time of an asylum interview ranges between 1 and 2 hours. During this time, you must ensure all the necessary facts are covered, all the appropriate documentation is presented and all convincing documentation, along with a Form I-589, is submitted correctly.

In theory, as an asylum seeker, you should be able to successfully handle the process on your own. In reality, however, proving that you merit a grant of political asylum isn’t easy.

This is where a Maui asylum lawyer may be able to help. Often times, hiring a professional to assist with the preparation of the documentation in support of your request is crucial.

Don’t worry though, a good asylum attorney on Maui can help you prepare a persuasive case. Among other responsibilities, here are a few examples of what an asylum lawyer can do to support your interview process:

1. A Maui asylum lawyer can help perfect the paperwork in support of your claim;
2. An experienced lawyer is able to prepare the documents and evidence needed for the interview;
3. A professional can help prepare detailed country reports to support your application;
4. Your Maui asylum lawyer can prepare you for the real interview by conducting mock interviews, using mock questions;
5. A good lawyer will keep track of all the questions and answers discussed during the interview, in case the asylum claim goes to court;
6. An attorney can help during the interview process by presenting the asylum officer important information you may forget. A lawyer may also offer a closing statement to emphasize the particularities of your situation.

Should you hire an asylum attorney in Maui?

Myriad immigrants have asked for political asylum in the United States. Unfortunately, statistics show that only about 1/10 of the court cases win without a lawyer. Whereas, asylum applicants who have asked for help from an attorney have a 50% chance to win a case in court.

While you can definitely prepare your case and attend the asylum interview without the help of a lawyer, certain situation may require the need to hire an attorney.

To be granted political asylum in the U.S., applicants must prove they are at risk for persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or particular social group. If you have a difficult time proving that you fit the criteria of asylum law, having a lawyer to guide you is an advantage.

Effective legal representation for immigrants in need of asylum can go a long way. Contact Maui Immigration Law today and find out more about what we can do to help.

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