Reasons Why Visa Applications on Maui May Be Delayed

30August 2019

When it comes to visa applications on Maui, there are many reasons why immigrants on the island may face delays.

Unfortunately, waiting is one of the hardest parts of obtaining legal employment here or becoming a U.S. citizen. When you know you’re eligible for the benefit you ask and are sure that you’ve done everything right to obtain it, a delay in the application process can be downright daunting.

Visa applications on Maui are sometimes complicated so, without further ado, here are the main reasons that may cause a delay.

1. Submitting incomplete or improper paperwork may cause delays with visa applications on Maui

Obviously, the main reason why you may face delays when it come to your visa is submitting incomplete or the wrong paperwork.

The documentation for a visa application on Maui needs to provide all the necessary information related to your situation. Only when the data submitted is accurate and complete can a case officer determine whether or not you are eligible to receive your visa.

When your application omits certain information, such as your signature or having an area on your forms not properly filled out, case officers will request that these mistakes are fixed. Or worse, they may believe that you are trying to hide information on purpose. In any case, you may need to wait through a long delay.

2. Not paying the application fee will definitely slow down the application process

Visa applications require that you pay a fee. Not doing so can easily result in unnecessary delays.

In some cases, immigrants may not know that they are required to pay a fee. In other cases, people may forget or may not know the proper procedure to pay the applicable fee.

Regardless of your case, you may benefit from hiring someone who can help.

Working with an immigration attorney on Maui means you’ll have someone qualified by your side who can guide you every step of the way when it comes to your visa application process. This includes having your lawyer remind you not to miss a single payment.

3. The process of verifying your information may take a while

Sometimes, the reason that may cause a delay may not even be remotely related to anything you did wrong.

Even if all the documentation is correct and even if you’ve paid all your fees for your visa applications, the verification of the data submitted may take a while to process.

Visa officers need to contact various departments and perform a series of verifications to make sure everything’s fine with your application. Since there are so many visa applications on Maui that need to be processed, it may take a while until the data is submitted can be verified.

4. Mistakes will definitely pose an issue with visa applications on Maui

Last but definitely not least, keep in mind that even the smallest mistake on your application may lead to delays or worse, to inadmissibility.

In order to avoid such problems, it’s always best to consult with an immigration lawyer in Maui before applying for a Visa on the island.

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