What are the Main Types of Visas for Traveling to Maui

17January 2020

Have you always wanted to see Maui or move here temporarily? Often times, people visiting our beautiful island can’t help but fall in love with it!

That in mind, do you know what are the types of Visas for traveling to Maui?

If you’re a foreigner looking to visit the island or make Maui your place of residency for the next few years, you will need to prepare the proper documentation in order to enter the country.

Depending on your specific situation, there are certain travel documents you need to present to the authorities as soon as you land in the U.S. These documents will ensure the government that you either plan on returning to your home country after a short visit or that you intend to remain here and make Maui your home for a longer period of time.

If you are curious about the different types of Visas for traveling to Maui, take a look at the list of types of Visas below.

Maui Travel Visa

Types of Visas for traveling to Maui for a short stay

A lot of people from outside the U.S. who are looking for a great place to visit or spend their vacation often times choose Maui as their destination. If this is something that piques your curiosity, you need to apply for a short stay travel Visa in order to enter the country legally.

Short stay Visas are necessary for those who do not plan a prolonged stay in America. Here are some examples:

  • Working Holiday Visas – this type of Visa is issued to promote international exchange and allow people to combine traveling and working in a new place;
  • Cultural Exchange Visa – typically issued to athletes and performing artists, this type of Visa allows people to come to the U.S to take part in an established international cultural exchange program;
  • Athletic or Artistic Visa – issues to athletes and performing artists who are looking to take place in competitions, shows and other types of events;
  • Tourist Visa – the most common type of travel visa is a Tourist Visa, issued for a limited period of leisure travel.

Types of Visas for traveling to Maui for a long stay

If you’ve already fallen in love with Maui are are looking to move here for a longer period or time, here are some examples of Visas that you may need to apply for:

  • Student Visa – A student visa allows its holder to reside and study in the United States;
  • Temporary Worker Visa – People looking to seek employment in Maui for a fixed period of time may apply for this type of Visa. They are typically difficult to obtain, however, they may be valid for longer periods of time than Business or Student Visas.

Furthermore, if you are the victim of domestic violence, persecution or another crime, you have options to seek protection and relief. In this case, you have the right to apply for:

  • Asylum visas, issued to people who are at risk of persecution in their own country or who were exiled from their own country;
  • Refugee visas, issued to those fleeing the dangers of persecution, war or natural disasters in their home country.

For more information on the types of Visas for traveling to Maui, contact our office to request a consultation.

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