5 Myths About the Services for Maui Immigrants to Stop Believing

30April 2019

When it comes to services for Maui immigrants, many Americans, born and raised in the U.S., still believe in certain myths and misconceptions that revolve around the topic of immigration.

Some may think that most foreigners who live on the island are illegals. Others mistakenly  believe that the services for Maui immigrants may play a part in burdening the national well being and economy.

Unfortunately, myths about immigration are very common topic in the U.S. Keep reading to learn what are the most frequently heard of misconceptions that a true American should stop believing.

Immigration to Maui

1. Services for Maui immigrants are on the side of those who don’t pay taxes

Probably one of the most common myths that revolve around the topic of Maui immigration is the fact that foreigners don’t pay taxes. Of course, the affirmation isn’t true.

Foreigners moving to Maui pay just as many taxes as everyone else. In fact, not only do immigrants pay taxes in the U.S., but they typically access less funds for public benefits.

2. Foreigners who move to Maui refuse to learn English

It’s only natural that most immigrants will speak their mother language at home, but the fact that foreigners refuse to learn English is just a myth.

In order to be a part of the American society and in order to become legal citizens of the U.S., all immigrants must have at least a basic understanding of the English language. Without a basic knowledge of reading, writing or speaking the national language, it would be almost impossible for a foreigner to truly “fit in”. As a consequence, the services for immigrants on Maui may not be able to help foreigners live the American dream.

3. Services for immigrants on Maui help immigrants steal jobs from true Americans

This may be one of the most painful misconceptions that people in America believe about immigration.

The fact that foreigners may cause unemployment for native-born Americans is simply not true. On the contrary, many immigrants who come here often contribute to creating new jobs. While not all foreigners make for successful entrepreneurs, those who are may often create new job opportunities for those in need of legal employment.

4. Foreigners cost billions of dollars every year

Recent studies have showed that about 25% of U.S. based tech and engineering companies were founded by immigrants. And furthermore, businesses founded by foreigners have generated more than $50 billion in sales and have created approximately 45K jobs the past 15 years.

In addition, because immigrants on Maui access less funds for public benefits, the country is actually making money thanks to immigrants.

In other words, immigration is putting more money in the government’s pockets than it takes out. Therefore, if you were afraid that the more foreigners move to Maui, the poorer the region will become, keep in mind that immigration is in fact, helping the national economy.

5. The more immigrants move to Maui, the more the crime rate will increase

Truth be told, immigrants are far less likely to commit a crime, when compared to citizens of the U.S. In fact, foreigners who move here actually have a lower crime and imprisonment rate than native-born Americans.

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