15January 2019

“Kevin Block is a highly qualified, well-educated lawyer specializing in immigration. I first consulted with him in 2011 when he was working for the county. He was generous with his time, went above and beyond, and made the process of obtaining my green card as seamless as possible. In 2015, when it was time to apply for my US citizenship, I realized that Kevin now has his own private practice since 2013. I was thrilled for him and am happy to see his practice thriving. I consulted with him to review my N-400 application. As always, he is easy going, straightforward, and makes the whole process as smooth as possible. One thing I really appreciate about Kevin is he is extremely prompt at replying to emails and returning phone calls. I am really grateful there is someone as pleasant, qualified and knowledgeable as Kevin to help navigate through the whole immigration process.”

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