15January 2019

“Kevin helped my husband obtain his Permanent Residence or “green card”. He is fair, honest, easy to understand, reasonably priced, and very good at his profession! We are extremely grateful!! We had been struggling for several years with USCIS (US Immigration). After thousands of dollars and an unscrupulous paralegal “assisted” us, we were lost in the system and very frustrated. Kevin was our last hope and he was truly a godsend! From the beginning we knew we’d made the right choice. He is personable and a good listener. He cleared the way for us to navigate the tangled, and previously unreachable system of immigration and it was as if the clouds parted above! After the ball started rolling it was pretty fast and within a few months my husband obtained his residence card. We were overjoyed and (as anyone trying to obtain immigration status understands) so relieved to actually hold that precious card in our hands. Thank you also to his super assistant, Liz, who kept our info very organized diligently returned our calls!”

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