5 Tips to Adapt as a New Immigrant on Maui

24October 2019

Are you a new immigrant on Maui looking for tips to adapt to life on the island?

There are myriad immigrants who come to the U.S. and have a difficult time adjusting to a different lifestyle. Being born and raised in a different culture is often the main reason why many people have a hard time calling the island of Maui their “home”.

Don’t worry though. Becoming a legal resident in Hawaii doesn’t mean you have to change who you really are. That in mind, if you’re a new immigrant on Maui, here are some tips to help you adapt to a new lifestyle and build a bright future here, on the island.

1. As a new immigrant on Maui, you first need to accept that some things are going to change

The first thing to keep in mind as a new immigrant on Maui is you have to accept that a lot of things are going to change after you move here. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! The sooner you can accept that there will be certain things you need to leave behind, the sooner you’ll be able to embrace a new lifestyle on the island.

2. Embrace the change with a positive attitude

At Maui Immigration Law, we understand how overwhelming and difficult it is to let go and be away from your loved ones. In order to adjust to your new life on the island, we encourage you to maintain a positive attitude after you move here and contact us if you feel confident about filing a family based petition on Maui so that you can legally reunite with your family.

3. Make an effort to learn the language and become part of the community

As you’re learning how to adapt as a new immigrant on Maui, the first thing you should do after you move here is to make an effort to become a part of the community.

Learning the language is a good start, if you’re not yet able able to understand and speak it well. This will help you communicate with everyone around you and will allow you to form new friendships and learn more about the culture of the state you live in.

4. Open your mind in order to develop a multicultural understanding

Moving to a completely different country represents quite a drastic change and many immigrants who come here often learn that many things they thought they knew about America are untrue. Therefore, in order to adjust to a new lifestyle as a new immigrant on Maui, you should keep an open mind as you learn about new cultures.

5. Don’t hide the fact that you’re a new immigrant on Maui

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget where you came from. Adapting to a new life in a new country is not about renouncing your own culture. On the contrary! This country is great because it was built with the help of many immigrants so don’t try to hide the fact that you belong to a different culture. Instead, be humble as you learn more about the island and as you adopt new habits that will make you feel like part of the Hawaiian community.

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