What Are the Main Maui Immigration Lawyer Responsibilities

5July 2019

Have you ever wondered what does a green card lawyer do and what are a Maui immigration lawyer’s responsibilities?

When thinking about immigration lawyers, visa and green card applications are the main topics that typically come to mind. In reality though, an immigration attorney does much more than help foreigners obtain permanent residency or become American citizens.

The U.S. immigration laws are complex and, depending on each individual’s situation, a Maui immigration lawyer’s responsibilities can vary. Without further ado, here’s what immigration attorneys do and why booking their services is invaluable.

Immigration Attorney Responsibilities in Maui

Helping foreigners obtain citizenship is one of the main Maui immigration lawyer responsibilities

Helping immigrants obtain citizenship through naturalization is among the main Maui immigration lawyer responsibilities. Without the help of an experienced professional, it’s very easy to skip steps or make a mistake on your application.

At Maui Immigration Law, LLC, we’ve helped countless individuals live their American dream. Our citizenship and naturalization attorneys are here to help you go though the entire naturalization process and prepare for your test and final interview.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help!

An immigration lawyer can help immigrants in vulnerable situations seek asylum on Maui

It’s quite easy for immigrants to find themselves in particularly vulnerable situations, especially since they’re far away from home and may not yet speak the language.

Victims of domestic violence or of other crimes have the option to hire an asylum lawyer in order to protect themselves and their families.

If you’re having trouble understanding the law and if you find yourself in an abusive situation, don’t hesitate to contact an immigration law firm in Maui to seek relief.

Immigration attorneys in Maui can help permanent island residents petition to bring family members to the U.S.

If you were wondering how to legally bring your family to the island, contact a Maui immigration law firm right away.

Helping foreigners reunite with their loved ones with the help of a family based petition is one of the main responsibilities of a Maui immigration lawyer. If you miss your parents, children, brothers and sisters and would like to petition for them to come to the U.S., call us today to see if together, we can start the process.

Green card lawyers can help immigrants bring their spouses and fiances to the United States

Family based petitions are meant to help you bring you immediate family on the island. However, if you’d like to petition for your spouse of your fiance to come to the U.S., get in touch with a green card lawyer right away.

Although the requirements to bring your loved one here vary according to each unique situation, you may want to consult with an attorney anyway and see what you can do to help your loved one obtain their green card.

A good immigration lawyer in Maui can help you defend your legal status as an immigrant

Last but not least, another Maui immigration lawyer responsibility includes assisting immigrants who face deportation or removal defend their legal status.

If you find yourself in a particularly delicate situation, hiring a removal and deportation defense lawyer in Maui can significantly increase your chances of prevailing in court.

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