Things Your Need to Know About Immigration Removal Defense on Maui

31July 2019

How much do you know about immigration removal defense on Maui?

If you’re an immigrant living in the U.S., you have the right to be informed about what immigration removal defense on Maui entails and how you can defend yourself if you run into a complicated situation.

That in mind, here’s what you need to know about deportation and how you can defend yourself from being removed from the country.

Immigration removal defense on Maui: who can be deported?

A removal hearing is conducted in order to determine if certain immigrants who came to the U.S. are subject to being deported from the country. Generally speaking, this is the main procedure for determining whether a foreigner is inadmissible or eligible for relief from removal.

But who can find themselves in such an uncomfortable situation?

The bad news is that anyone who is not an American citizen may be eligible to get deported.

The good new is that this doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be in danger of being removed from the country, just because your not a citizen. However, if you are an undocumented immigrant, a non citizen with a past conviction or someone with a previous order for deportation, your stay in the country may pose a risk.

In other words, anyone who has entered the country but has not been documented or have overstayed their visa may be deported, just like those who have been convicted of a crime in the past.

How can you protect yourself and your family from being removed from the U.S?

There are many reasons why people choose to come to America. Some come here in order to build a better future for their families. Others move to the U.S. in the hopes of escaping poverty, war or even crime. But regardless of your motive to move here, it’s important that you learn more about your immigration status and try your best to find a legal way to stay.

In some cases, however, immigrants may find themselves tangled in complicated situations and may need help with immigration removal defense on Maui. If that’s the case, the very best thing you can do is contact an immigration lawyer on the island right away.

Other than speaking to an immigration attorney in Maui, here’s a short list of useful tips to keep in mind if the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Protection (CBP) knock on your door.

1. You should only open your door if the authorities show you a signed warrant

Without a legitimate warrant, signed by an immigration court judge, you have the right to not open your door to anyone when it comes to immigration removal defense on Maui.

2. Exercise the 5th amendment and remain silent until you speak to your attorney

Without your lawyer present, keep in mind that your can – and you should – exercise your right to remain silent.

3. Don’t sign anything without your lawyer present

Unless you are very fluent in English, it’s best that you do not sign anything without your attorney present.

4. Let your immigration lawyer know what happened

Need help with immigration removal defense on Maui? Contact a lawyer right away and discuss your case.

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