Immigration News

16July 2019

The Trump Administration has announced that it will be conducting enforcement actions targeting families. The actions are supposed to be targeting major cities yet, understandably, immigrant families throughout the country are worried.

The fact that this administration and DHS “announced” raids indicates that it is a political statement meant to appease his base rather than a strategic effort to deport people. Maui Immigration Law urges the community to remain calm and to remember that the ICE is primarily targeting those with prior removal orders. That being said, it is ALWAYS a good idea to educate yourself as to what your rights are in the event of an ICE encounter. Here are some of the basics:


Do not run. Do not lie. Be polite but firm. Do not interfere or obstruct.
You have the right to be silent. If you are arrested, you have the right to speak to an attorney.

If you are in public, ask if you are under arrest. If the answer is no, calmly leave. If the answer is yes, ask what for.

If you are in your home, do not open the door unless shown a warrant, signed by a judge. ICE warrants are not signed by judges and you are not required to open your door and let an ICE agent in.

Have a plan: Have a loved one’s phone number memorized. Have your documents and money for bond available to a specific person who has citizenship or lawful permanent residence. Know who will care for children or seniors.

Resources for know your rights in English and other languages:

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