Immigration Attorney in Honolulu – 3 Important Facts You Need to Know

24July 2019

How many facts do you know about immigration and why should you hire an immigration attorney in Honolulu?

When it comes to foreigners wanting to become legal residents or citizens of our country, there are definitely ways to fight for the rights. However, you need to make sure you’re not doing anything illegal. Jeopardizing your goal of building a future in the U.S. could have permanent consequences.

That in mind, here are 3 important facts you should know about the state of immigration in our country and why you should consult with an immigration attorney in Honolulu right away.

1. Fact: Honolulu immigration lawyers are helping more immigrants settle in Hawaii today than ever before

It’s true. There are myriad immigrants living all over the U.S. today, a higher number of people than ever before. However, it’s also a fact that the actual percentage of foreigners is not that much different than when compared to other times in history.

That said, many of the immigrants living here today may not be aware that they are unauthorized and most of them may still be here simply because they stayed in the country after their visa expired. That’s not OK.

If your visa is about to expire or if it already did, you should contact an immigration attorney in Honolulu right away. Speaking with a seasoned lawyer will help you learn more about your options and what you can or cannot do to turn things around and be able to legally build a future here for yourself and for your family.

2. Can an attorney help immigrants apply for welfare?

When it comes to undocumented foreigners, it’s clear that they cannot apply for welfare, except for certain isolated cases. But what about documented immigrants?

There’s a common misconception that immigrants come to the U.S. to take advantage of federal benefits. In reality, most people who wish to live the American dream come to the country and work hard. Legal immigrants make a real effort to care for themselves and their families and there are only a few exceptions where they may even be eligible to receive any benefits.

That in mind, hiring an immigration lawyer in Honolulu may come in handy if you’re having trouble finding legal employment to provide for your family or if you need help bringing your loved to the U.S. once you are settled. The same goes if you’re here on a work visa and need assistance, should your current employer refuse to do fulfill their obligations. Welfare, in most cases, is not an option.

3. Can an immigration attorney in Honolulu really help speed up the immigration process?

Fact: no, that’s just a myth. An immigration lawyer is not able to literally speed up any process. However, what a professional can do for you is guide you if you need help applying for a green card or a visa, if you need assistance obtaining your U.S. citizenship or if you need guidance when it comes to immigrant related issues.

For more information on how to legally obtain your residence or citizenship of the U.S., contact us today. We’re here to answer all your questions and make sure you have all the facts before addressing your immigration issues.

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