What May Cause the Deportation of Immigrants in Hawaii

3January 2020

If you’re wondering about what triggers the removal and deportation of immigrants in Hawaii, you’re in the right place.

At Maui Immigration Law, LLC, we have a proven track record in securing the best possible relief for our clients and good relationships with the agencies that can help them. And while we do hope that as an immigrant, you don’t have to deal with deportations issues, we understand the uncertainty that revolves around the topic.

Deportation occurs when the Federal authorities remove an immigrant from the country for certain violations. If deported, an immigrant may lose their right to return to Hawaii.

Often, immigrants facing removal from the U.S. are required to appear before a judge in immigration court. And while there are a few possible legal defenses that may allow an individual to avoid being deported, it’s also important that you understand what may cause the deportation of immigrants in Hawaii and how you can prevent this from happening.

Hawaii and Deportations

Deportation of immigrants in Hawaii: what are the reasons why a U.S. immigrant may be deported?

Among the common reasons that may cause the deportation of immigrants in Hawaii is status. For instance, Green Card holders who have traveled outside the U.S. for more than 1 year may have difficulties re-entering the country. The termination of someone’s conditional permanent residence or the expiration of their work visa are also reasons that may cause removal from the country.

Other reasons that may cause deportation of immigrants in Hawaii include, but are not limited to:

  • arranging a fraudulent marriage with the purpose of obtaining residency in the U.S.;
  • working in the United States under the tourist Visa;
  • being convicted of a crime, such as domestic violence, abuse or abandonment of children, threats, stalking or violation of a protection order;
  • buying fake documents, falsifying important papers or attempting passport fraud to enter the United States;
  • engaging in criminal activities that endanger public safety or national security.

Maui Immigration Law, LLC can help defend your legal status as an immigrant

Being accused of these actions or others that may cause the deportation of immigrants in Hawaii is a serious matter. Removal from the country comes with serious consequences, including the bad to return to Hawaii.

There are, however, ways to defend your legal status.

If you or a family member has been detained, hiring an immigration lawyer in Hawaii is the first step to planning the right defense strategy. Keep in mind though that you need to act quickly in order to answer the charges on the “notice to appear,” determine if you are eligible for bond and begin to work on possible routes to relief.

Some possible defense strategies for removal and deportation include, but are not limited to, asylum, adjustment of status and suspension of deportation.

Last but definitely not least, it should be a well known fact that retaining the services of a lawyer is crucial if you’re faced with deportation issues. Contact Maui Immigration Law right away if you or someone close to you is at risk of being deported.

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