Client Success Stories

23September 2019

Grant is a Canadian that I first started working with in 2012. He was approved for a VAWA self-petition and then, after five years applied for citizenship. There were some obstacles but we were able to over come them and he recently was sworn in among the countries newest citizens!

Perola is from Brazil and recently got her green card. She had a complicated case because she had a prior removal order from a Court date that no one knew about and therefore we had to reopen her case. We were successful.

Dan was unsuccessful in the past in his attempt to become a citizen. We were able to address the reasons for his previous denial and on June 14th he took the oath and became a citizen!

Recently a number of our clients successfully passed their Naturalization test and interview and became citizens!

One of them had tried twice before and been denied and then we were able to help him succeed.

Poyraz Akay, a world champion windsurfer, recently received his green card as an “alien of extraordinary ability”. With our help he successfully applied for an “athlete visa” and is now able to live permanently in the United States.

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