Attorney Services in Hawaii for Immigrants

30September 2019

Are you familiar with the main immigrant attorney services in Hawaii?

There are many people moving to the U.S. who are actually unfamiliar with what an immigration attorney does. Often times, foreigners associate the services of an immigration lawyer with the process of obtaining a Visa or naturalization, but professionals specializing in immigration matters can help with much more than that.

That in mind, here are the main attorney services in Hawaii that a professional can assist you with.

1. Immigration attorney services in Hawaii include assisting you with removal and deportation matters

If either you or a family member are at risk of being detained or removed from the country, you need to act fast and get a lawyer.

Hire an attorney right away so that a professional can start working on possible routes of relief. Keep in mind that if you are required to appear in front of a judge, having an experienced lawyer by your side can boost your chances of prevailing in court.

2. An immigration lawyer can help you petition for your loved ones to come to the U.S.

Looking for a green card lawyer in Hawaii? By hiring an immigration lawyer, you’ll be able to petition your spouse or fiance to come join you in the U.S.

At Maui Immigration Law, LLC, we’ve helped hundreds of immigrants bring their significant other to Hawaii, including same sex couples. So, if you’d like to help your loved one come here and build a future together, contact us today!

3. Immigration attorneys in Hawaii can assist you with filing a family based petition

Petitioning your spouse or fiancee from coming to the U.S. is not the same as bringing your immediate family here. However, even though the procedure is slightly different, the same immigration professional can offer both services in Hawaii.

If you’re looking forward to reunite with your family, book the services of an immigration lawyer and find out more about the process.

4. The services of immigration lawyers can be hired by anyone who applies for naturalization

Applying for naturalization should be a straightforward process. In fact, booking attorney services in Hawaii is not even mandatory.

However, many immigrants prefer to ask for help. The American citizenship provides immigrants with many rights and requires a series of responsibilities. In order to learn what they are, but also in order to file your application correctly, call our office and find out more about the process.

5. An immigration attorney can assist foreigners who have had their petitions denied

Receiving a denial shouldn’t be a reason to panic. Our attorney services in Hawaii include helping clients appeal unfavorable decisions.

With adequate grounds, you have the right to appeal your case. At Maui Immigration Law, LLC, we will listen to your concerns, evaluate your case and assist you with the process.

6. Attorney services in Hawaii include assistance for domestic violence and crime victims

Immigrants are often vulnerable when it comes to violence and abuse. Therefore, if you’re a victim of domestic violence or another crime, don’t hesitate to contact our law firm at (808) 244-5858 right away.

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